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Sonic andthe Black Knight

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based on what I've been seeing from recent Sonic the Hedgehog games, as well as SEGA's description of Sonic and the Black Knight, this is probably how it will turn out

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Mizox responds:



A So,so short.

The drawings looked kinda akward, like if a 8 year old drew them on Paint. The story wasn't close to Sonic TBK, and there was no Masculine wizard in the game if I remember. And also Sonic finds the sword, a wizard dosn't give it to him.

Mizox responds:

you're right, it was half-assed.

but remember, this parody was made 6 months before the game came out, so I had no idea what the plot would be.


"no more reading old books" funniest line

Mizox responds:

they should have put it in the gaem

Here's the gear you need!

That line was strangely funny.
Nice work.

Mizox responds:

0_o seriously? lol, really I just winged the whole thing in one take with no idea what I was gonna say and then animated around it, least effort imaginable to put into a flash and still have it pass

Secret Rings

Didnt that happen in Sonic & The Secret Rings? You need more animation, cause the mouth movement isnt gonna cut it, but your quality was way better than mine! And I LOL'd at the end of it, cause of what Sonic said. :)

Mizox responds:

well, SEGA did say that Sonic and the Black Knight would be the second game in the series about sonic getting sucked into old stories, what's frightening is that that implies that they'll make even more of them, and yes, I do need more animation