my sfdt collab part

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o.k. so since this is a collab part i didn't wanted to make to long. i know i kinda got lazy at the end. but have a nice time watching it. and and please check out the collab for it'll soon be out, and it's gonna be cool.


damn that was pretty good.

i liked all the action. nice job.

This review is insanely well received!
threassance responds:


Oh wow...

A bunch of sticks fighting, with DBZ sound effects.... how ORIGINAL, i've NEVER seen this before..............

Honestly its not that its bad, everything was fluid, the sound synced up good, all that other happy technical snibbles. Its just.... we've seen this a100000000 times before, and damnit i'll speak for everyone else


threassance responds:

yeah you're right man. check out my other stuff. i have something pretty original you'll like. like i said this is just a collab so i just made my part as others made theirs. i do believe what you say and i think so myself, but this is sorta practice for animation too, and one can't always be involve in something serious and original all the time. you just gotta have fun with some as you also learn with them :D

Not half bad

As far as sticks fighting DBZ-style goes, absolutely nothing new or creative in any way nowadays, but as far as this individual movie goes, the animation was very smooth and wasn't too bad lengthwise. Despite getting lazy at the end, It was overall quite a bit better then lots of the completely half-assed submissions involving stickmen.

threassance responds:

thanks. just kinda played arround with it for a while. and i do have a series going too, incase you wanna see it :D


I think that something for SFDT should be put on, you know, SFDT? God job anyways. < 3

threassance responds:

hah hah hah hah :D you're right. too late already though.

this is really cool!!

i liked it, especially when steel comes in i thought that was cool
you should add music to it for the full collab
try my music?
lol just kiddin

threassance responds:

i would but you see i'm note the host of the collab. and thanks steel is my fav animator too.

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2.70 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2008
5:06 PM EDT
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