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.::System Failure::.

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The System is Failing!!!!
This is a random flash inspired by a simple line.
Basically its a tail of how one thing leads to another and how how things can spiral out of control.
Though it doesn't make much sense I like it and I hope some of you might like it to.
I know its short but I was thinking of doing a longer and more hectic part 2, so This is kind of like a trailer for the part 2. ( P.S: tell me if you'd like the part 2)
As usual please review as reviews help make the world a better place!!!
And finally enjoy


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Random o.O

Very Random indeed.

45Percent responds:

If you think this is random wait for number 2!!
thanks for reviewing.

Read your post. Still have no idea WTF happened XD

I thought the music fit excellently with the flash and it was definitely interesting to watch. Even if it is only about 15 seconds long XD
I suggest you put a little more effort into your flashes though, everything looked very simple to animate in about an hour or so.
Make #2 though! It'll be interesting! I mean, I'd watch it..! :D

45Percent responds:

I will make a 2nd one it should be done around mid early-mid September.


Not sure what the hell you're going for here, but the animation was good so I'll give it a six. You have potential if you were willing to spend time developing storylines...

Not So Fast!

Looks like you know a thing or two about flash. I didn't get this. It might've been too fast-paced for me because I don't know what the fuck just happened. Go ahead and make part 2, but don't complete it today or tomorrow. Take your time and don't rush just to submit your drawings.

45Percent responds:

Thanks, as said above more time will go into the next one.
Its good to watch it a few times to see what else is going on around the screen.


I would like part 2.

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4.29 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2008
7:15 AM EDT