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FAST Twilight

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Awright let me clarify that I DO NOT read the books first. This was meant to bash it, but the people who read it seemed to think it was allright. :/ Oh well. BTW the sounds kinda crappy.

AND knows the video game thats hinted to here, you win R-E-S-P-E-C-T. (Hint: Its not pokemon, even though that is mentioned)

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:D nice

i thought it was way funny! Just have to work the voice.. i heard it fine but it all sounded the same LOL

btw was the video game toy story? :D

lol James

James from team rocket is a vampire? it was funny the only flaw is the sound :)


I see where you were getting at with this. Truly this looked like it could of been a successful bash but there were a few things holding it back.

First off, voice acting. It was so timid, docile... it doesn't work with this type of animation. You needed something over the top and in your face. I know it seems a bit off but with animations half the joke is how you project them... and you projected all your jokes the same... it seemed a little off.

The animation was basic, but not much is ever required for these types of parodies. I did love the abrupt ending and you did make some great jokes at the movie that weren't too obvious or lame.

Good job, but work more on your voicing.

OMGWTF at the sound.

"BTW the sounds kinda crappy." he says. That's not "kinda", that's terribly crappy. Anyway, the rest of the movie was okay so keep that part up. But seriuosly, you gotta get better sound because I didn't get 75% of the jokes because I didn't hear them.


That was not very impressive

Bobert-Rob's tYHYlight is much more expressive.
Same goes for Just2Pale's Twatlight submission.

With decent animation and good voice acting, you can ridicule to the fullest extent.

This just seemed sloppy to me. The scenes were badly drawn, the voices were not that great, and the comedy was unappealing.

Sure it belittles Twilight-Moon in it's own way. But this is a poor excuse of a bantering flash parody.

It's just too listless. Too dull.

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3.84 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2008
1:11 AM EDT