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This is something i found when cleaning my comp and thought i would post it here. Nothing special, just my first flash.

P.S I know this is on the account Freddy987, i WAS Freddy987, i just moved, thats all.
PLUS I couldn't say i moved cos i changed the email before lol. Oh well, enjoy.

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Good Somewhat!

Reminded me of eddsworld somewhat, work on your animation in places though

- Tager -

Sorry, don't like it

I don't mind tweens... when they're good. Your animating was poor and your tweening was unspeakable, sorry, but this shouldn't have gotten through the beginning process... Only thing i liked was the facial expressions.


C'mon Guys another animation with Killing each other is the point of this movie again

Good mixed with bad

Your animation is okay, you know. For example, the parts where he changes his pose and such, like when he grabs the stick. That was good, I liked that. But it was flawed. For one, the movement was just tweening it up and down, and you could see where his trousers had been cut off; if it weren't for that trouser cut off, I wouldn't have minded so much. For two, the door opening was just lazy, putting a black rectangle over it. It could have easily been fixed. As for the shooting, well, I think it could have been better if you'd flashed it white, not black, adds more emphasis.

There was also little plotline going on that I could see. He went and bought a staff, got shot, and the shooter gets shot too? Umm... maybe it's an in-joke between you and your friends, but I didn't get it.

I'll give you credit for the slight amount of frame by frame you did, but a lot of it was lazy. I did like the character design, though. You get a 7, and I hope you improve. You have potential.

RyansRealm responds:

Dont worry, i will, my new flash has a lot of new drawings with frame by frame animation. This was just a flash i did months ago out of pure boredom, but thanks for the review!

too short

and boring 0/5 3/10

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Aug 22, 2008
6:07 PM EDT
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