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Super Mario over run

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Author Comments

Mario vs his foes click the green button to start

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Too much Megabyteys of bracken wood!

What's with all the slow mo bullshit. Cutting corners and going out the back entrance isn't going to get you anywhere ya hear?
Nice and all that someone wants to make a mario short with 9.3 mega bytes.
But I didn't wait until my beard grew long and spongie to watch complete rubbish for 2 minutes. Giving it a one and that's all you get ya gronk!
Put more time and effort and make improvements to your work or I'm not even gonna bother viewing it!

Oringinal audio isn't what was in this either some remix of sorts that you might have stolen from someone on this site who put more time into that then you did to this!!! Honestly you could've added something random because unless your Randy Solem Or Alvin thats all you can do!!!
When all the shit came out the pipe I thought it was ya mum!!!

she said hello and everything, we had a nice chat!! ROAR!!!


My purpose as a review is to applaud those who submit quality flashes and attempt to help improve contributors who seem incapable or have a history of submitting mediocre flash films. Honestly though I have no idea where to start when it comes to improving this submission. For one this seemed to only demonstrate that you can tween sprites--probably ones you didn't even create or rip--repetitively. There was no plot, purpose, original audio, or even remarkable animation that would convince me to give this a positive score. Hell, it seems you're incapable of successfully adding a functional standard play button. Just analyze the content for a minute and my points will become obvious; sprites have been deemed obsolete due to the lack of effort it requires their users to put forth, most "attacks" consists of you using multiple frames to have Mario simply have physical contact with his competitors, he does this multiple times with absolutely no purpose, when his enemies are spawned they seemed to overlap the tube. Please put forth more effort next time, quality is superior to quantity in every context. In other words the portal doesn't require you to submit one of these generic cyclic flash films every week, thank you.

Toad5355 responds:

Thanks for constructive critisism


The boss music was pretty out of place.


im giving u a 1 for effort. i dont kno if this is ur first sprite movie or even ur first attempted at anything but this was the worst i have seen. not to be rude. next time u try tomake a sp[rite movie about mario, use the actual music. make it so u dont see wat is coming out of the tubes. use more then just uppercut sprites add alittle more seanairy and ur mario was already in big mode or what ever u want to call it. so next time use the power flower. this really needs some work. so there is the one for effort....oh and this all just critsism. im not being rude


it wasnt great(or good for that matter) and if there was any humor in it i was distracted by the bad stuff so i didnt see it
1. when all the shit came out of the pipe, you could see it. try making different LAYERS
2. it was sloppy and choppy. make more frames
3.use all the sprites if you are going to do stuff
i only saw like five mario sprites