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NOTLS 3: The Evil Jeb

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After making SRM Transformers 3, I swore to myself that I'd never make another "epic" flash on this lousy junker of a computer.
I lied.
This is the third (and final till I want more) Night of the Living Spud cartoon. About 2 dozen of you have seen the original, it's redux, and the sequel, but this works well as a stand alone flash.
For the first time, I used no commercial music, so this is purely Newgrounds based content. Also my first time using NG Audio Portal music too.

Anyway, here's the boring specs:
22 FPS
5280 frames
253.6 seconds
318 library items
24 minutes to save it the final time. As in, it seriously sat there saving the file for 24 minutes. Then crashed. To my relief, it managed to save first.

Lousy computer notwithstanding, I really hope everyone enjoys this flash. It was a lot of fun to write and animate, and it felt much more free than some series I've done, namely the SRM Transformers cartoons.
Enjoy, and I respond to all reviews!

PS: Add to Zombies collection!

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Funny story

It kind of reminds me of a rather silly game of Call of Cthulhu we played a while ago. In the absence of the Necronomicon, we took a phone book and put the dust cover over it, thus creating the Necrotelecom - the phone book of the dead. I guess you've created one similar here - the phone book of the Jeb.

Some good things here to note - SRM seems to be more intelligent here, while some of the parts make no sense at all, like Spud not being able to pee - he has no genitals, but the pee has to go somewhere!

I loved SRM paying homage to Evil Dead 3, particularly with the chainsaw and the way that he seems to be quite skilled at amateur DIY. I just wish that at the end of it all, we'd seen him back at work in the store that he worked in, for that ending, with a "hail to the king, baby" or whatever you could have come up with for that.

[Review Request Club]

Battosai810 responds:

A "Shop smart, shop at S Mart!" ending would have been pretty boss, especially if it was at Amish Stuff, which is actually a real store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

This is one of those toons where SRM is inexplicably intelligent. He's gotten more eccentric and less stupid over time, but this one is a little uncharacteristic. I just thought it would be fun to have a sort of road trip/action movie with SRM and Spudboy. To be fair though, I never drew Spudboy with genitals or pants, so it's a mystery how he does just about anything.

Glad you liked the toon! I saw you didn't review Hitler's Strawberries, the Flash game I made with some buddies right before this. I can't answer any reviews to it since I wasn't the head author, but I still urge you to play it so you can experience the wacked out cutscenes I made.


Well, it was good, and i like how in the second episode you have a grindhouse reference. Keep it up!

Battosai810 responds:

Thanks! Might make a 4th for Halloween; who knows.


is srm sure that those doctors are not related to him in any way

Battosai810 responds:

Oh positively. They look nothing alike.


loved it campbell get on AIM sometime

Battosai810 responds:

I'm on AIM a lot. Computer trouble is all.


sounds good to me. yeah lets hit some shirts.

Battosai810 responds:

You'd buy zombie onion shirts, wouldn't you?