Sonic Scene Creator 3

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Well 3 years later and after hours of tedious work I finally made a third version of my scene creator. With way more sprites, 4 music tracks, 3 different backgrounds, and even a button that turns things around! =D.

Originally the sprite layout was a lot less cramped and featured about 30% more badniks and twice the helping of robuttnik, but... I forgot it can only be 800px wide, and it was 1020 at the time. Yeah that wasn't a happy time for me.... But! After all the trouble of moving everything around to fit, I find out that the maximum height is 700 not 800! So at that point I caved and just scaled everything down, so they may look a tad tiny. Anyways! Enjoy, and please leave reviews.


It would be nicer if you could use the keys to delete or rotate, But I still love it.

It's great! just a few more sprites for it to be outstading!

also a scene i made:meacha sonic rekt knux,sanic hit i spring he didn't see coming,tails is bouncing off a mushroom,eggman is about to hit his own badnik,and egg robo be chillin' by some spikes.

This was pretty fun!

*BOOOOOOM* every zone gone

Better than 2 and 1. I think you can add...Nothing! It's way past cool! I made the talk and well yeah its good!

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4.03 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2008
5:42 AM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set