Reviews for "Sonic Scene Creator 3"

I made super sonic flying away from evil sonic and eggman and evil tails taking hyper knuckles master emerald and evil knuckles turning off a switch to kill hyper knuckles plu i love it!

(super mecha sonic vs super sonic) (sonic defeated) (knuckles help sonic) (super knuckles vs super mecha sonic) (knuckles died) Super Mecha Sonic:DIE! ???:Nooooo!!!! (tails jumped fire ball) Tails:arghhh... Sonic! (tails dies) Sonic: :"( tails... knuckles... raaaaarghh!!! Super Mecha Sonic:WHAT?! Super Sonic 2:BRING IT ON! Super Mecha Sonic:No matter no matter... (robot eggman helps mecha sonic) (sonic used overdrive and win.) : END :

I created Super Sonic trapping Knuckles into a ball!


I made a scene where knuckles finally killed sonic tails was getting drilled by eggman and mechanic sonic stoll tails by-plane.