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Blinky Finds a Friend!

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Author Comments

**Well, it did better than I expected, actually. I kinda knew it wouldn't get a 3, lol. But hey, a 2.7 is pretty okay for a first, right? I WILL make this into a series then! Yay!**

Yay! Techflash is back from the grave! Rather, back from a VERY long flash spread. With school starting tomorrow, I thought it'd be nice to finally submit something. However, this is not a claymation.

This happens to be my first go at a flash cartoon, EVER. So please go easy on me, I'm new to the whole cartoon thing xD. Honestly, I'd like to make this into a series of flashes if it does well. If I do make it into a series, I'll still make claymations, don't worry, right now thats my main priority. But I thought it'd be fun to try out some cartoons too.

Please and enjoy, vote fair, and review! This IS my first cartoonn, so go easy on me please :)

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Simple, yet effective.

The music, with the look of the character, kind of created an eerie feeling for me when I was watching this. I love the look on the blue guy though, and that was funny when the other guy started poking him with a stick. Good times.

Oh teh awesomeness

Cute, funny, and great for a first cartoon. :D Keep it up!


I like this flash you made, quite funny! you should get bac to claymation soon!
keep it up

it's good....

..but it would be better if it had a story, Voice or Text.

It wasn't bad

for an artist coming from claymations, its good.
The music is good, and the animation is simple, drawing simple, everything simple and ok.

It probably wont get a 3, but I think you should continue, but make the characters more dynamic, and background more interesting.