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Cinco Patinhos

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Five little ducks went to the mountains to play. Mommy Duck yelled: quack, quack, quack! But only four little ducks has come back...
Four little ducks went to the mountains...

(Please watch until the end)

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This music video is extremely boring, first minute i though it was on replay..
U might wanna add some different animations/scenes. Also i suggest you spend some more time on the graphics, especially the background.
And the duck holding a gun in the end just doesn't fit the movie, a lousy end.

Hope to see u do better in the future!

Eurritimia responds:

The background is not a thing I should proud myself, but I like it in a very strange way.
The original idea is just two scenes, first one is the ducks with their mom and the second's with the killer duck.

it wasnt that hard to guess what happened

no just no, that wasnt funny or cute and i defenitly did not lol, change subject if u wanna be funny

Eurritimia responds:

I tend to find hummor where nobody else finds it.

Ha, didn't expect that.

Nice twist at the end, you have to watch it all the way through.

But I can't vote too highly on this; though the humour at the end is alright, it takes so long for it to get to the end, and the animation is pretty bad too, only using simple tweens mainly.

Could be better. A LOT better.

Eurritimia responds:

The problem is I had to wait the song comes until "...there's no duckies left" (free translation) to put that not very funny end.


im scarred for life omg help me, kill me, put me out my missery. aaaaaaaahahahaaaaaah.

Eurritimia responds:

thanks, I guess.

Whats that song?

The beginning was abit drawn out but the ending had a nice twist.

Also what was that song?

Eurritimia responds:

Which song? The first one sung by Xuxa or the second one at the end by Korn?