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I don't want to hear any alot of crap okay this is just a preiew theres a lot of work in progress
also knuckles isn't saying anything okay



nice but try to make better graphics and make them longer plus start making a replay button so wil know its over but still good.

quite a few problems

Problems= lip sync with no voice, no identifiable plot, it was too short
suggestion= spent more time planning your animation and stop submitting unfinished work, lip sync with a purpose
i liked the backgrounds and the music
hey let me see the finished product ok u said its work in progress above :)

Yoshi1x8 responds:

thanx i expect these kinda votes but the plot is that heat the hedgehog is trying to become the ultimate life form by killing shadow I would upload the real one if you want the 1st one is alright but im remaking it

That sucked. Not saying I would do better.

Take a little more time and thought into what you are creating. I couldn't hear crap they were saying because the music overlapped the vocals. Better luck next time.

Yoshi1x8 responds:

well I know but i need to learn how to make good audio because when the full flsh comes out it will be way better

bad job

Not only does your "preview" need some serious work, you've got a bad attitude as well. Post full flash!

Yoshi1x8 responds:

oh well next time i'll post the full flash instead because it looks like crap beause its a preview

...is that it?

Well I'll start off by saying the drawings weren't that bad. You should however work on your shading. You should really on your backgrounds.
The audio was F'ed up really bad. What I heard that orange Hedgehog say was completely inaudible and I couldn't hear what Knuckles was saying IF he was saying anything at all.

*Advice* If you submit a preview at least make sure its finished with everything. Don't just submit an unfinished flash with buttons that don't work, ect.



Yoshi1x8 responds:

yeah it was just a preview i wanted to kno how good it was the full flsh didn't come out trust me you will like

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1.48 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2008
10:05 PM EDT
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