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whoa! can you follow this crazy thing?! i had some awsome audio before for it but got deleted sorry for it being short it was a little test thing, and i showed my baby brother how to animate, he's very happy its gonna be on a site lol!

he's 4 XD

sorry replay button does'nt work! ill fix it ASAP

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An interesting submission.

It's great to see so much talent in a flash animator that young, I'm sure he'll bring much needed flavor to this site as he gets older. I thought the concept of the flash was nice, the animation was simple, and you included decent music. Some of the line movements tied into the beat of the music too, that was impressive. I'll have to check out the episodes of this series.

The animation was simple, but I thought you could have at least made it longer since it was basic animation. Granted, I know your brother is four, but I'm sure you could have helped him out with it. Anyway, tell your baby brother to keep up the good work, he is an aspiring animator and I'm sure great succeess is bound to come his way.


it is orignal and more creative and in these days animators lose that touch they ounce had evn noobs who are good struggle because other things like there ideas were already created it matters must that some how in the back of your mind you can find creativty and room for more in that area

Better than I could have done :)

This is nice, it has a certain.... feel to it that I like; if someone actually made a game/movie with this style,that would be amazing.


You taught your 4 year old brother to make flash O_O.......that is incredible for a 4 year old! I'm 5'ing this and giving a 10

From the minds of babes

Even if it's not the best animation for Newgrounds, the fact that you taught your 4-year old brother to do a FLASH animation and he not only did, but it got onto Newgrounds and past the Portal Judgment Panel is absolutely amazing. Bravo Zulu to the both of you. I also watched the second one as well, and it too was excellent. I can't wait to see what else he could come up with when he gets older, or what the two of you can come up with if you continue working as a team. Again, great work. All my 10 and 5 are belong to this.

Matt2k8 responds:

thanks dude best reveiw so far!! :D

their maybe a part 3... who knows?

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3.27 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2008
10:33 AM EDT