Harry The Harlequin Fetus

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This is the story of the first minutes of Harry. It just goes on showing you shouldn't trust mathematicians.

(There will be mathematician jokes in there.)

PS. Not recommended for tiny children.

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Good stuff as always. I really like your style of animation. I myself have always wanted to produce a flash vid. (been a newgroundsman since 2006 lol) what is your inspiration if I may ask?

This is why I love NG. A flash like this would have been flagged as disgusting or repulsive if it appeared on any other site on the web (let alone being aired on TV). But here people who have an open mind can witness something truly extraordinary. You see here that there can be no preset limits to creative efforts.
Thank you. This really is true brilliance.

i think im in that wrong part of everything again, nice i enjoyed it although could not see the jokes

This is pure brilliance! That green thing/person looked like a chupcabra, but asides from that, it's a good story and the animation is pretty fluid. 5/5

I think I just shit my pants :D Good job!