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[KK] Daily Seizure #2

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Author Comments

Seizure Warning

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do you have any talent

just stop you flash is crappy and you have no sense of humor.I hope you all die a slow,painful death

My ears are bleeding.

How about you actually apply yourself into flash animation rather than moving images and screaming?


o rly?


Yet again another group is wasting its potential and talent on "flashes" that are just overall waste of a user's time. Well at least this one delivered what you said it would, even if both the execution and presentation was just horrendous. Also your beginning sequence was actually kind of good. For these two reasons alone, I won't give you guys zero stars, but you'll still only get one.

You know, If you could guys actually put some of your thoughts together and really tried, you could probably create something worth checking. Unfortunately, all of your flashes that I've seen fall into one of these categories.

1. Random pictures on screen that slightly move with some background music. Instant signification that the movie won't serve any purpose.

2. Mind-numbingly repetitive animation of a poorly drawn cat or a picture where one of the subject's heads are replaced with a cat head. Like the first in the list, they serve no purpose.

3. Intentionally badly made flash movies just to drive other user virtually insane. (Most of the Kitty Krew's movies fall into this category)

Long story short, for once actually try to make a decent video that has nothing to do with random pictures, seizures, your overused cat animations or any of your other badly executed flash cliche's. Trust me, there are more people that would like to see you guys churn on gold rather than garbage...

Pasty-Flawss responds:

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what a waste...

I can tell you guys are good animators, but you make crap flashes. Don't waste your time and make a flash that makes sense, there is no good reason into making stupid flashes when you have the skill to make very good ones, and i know you do by seeing your loaders/prefaces.

Credits & Info

1.75 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2008
1:27 AM EDT