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Red Stick Killing Spree !

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Discalmer: im uploading this for a second time cuz yesterday was clock day and so many flashes were submitted that it didnt stay on the latest flash list eaven a minute now im uploading it so it will hav emore time for people to see it and get reviews with help and advice, the previeous upload was very succesfull and im not gonna delee it JUST YET in case this gets blammed :)

This is my ummm i think 5th submission on NG and, its not that decent i just hope u enjoy it. Um here
is some info cuz im sure there are gonna be stupid questions like on every one of my submissions.
Edit: First day of submission and i already got this kind of review so please red this belowe before asking questions in your review !!!
1.Red guy - main character
2.Grey guys - thugs and shitz
3.Black guy - random civillian
4.The rifle weapon - mp5
5.The big weapon thingy - rocket launcher
6.Plot - there is none its just pointless mass killing, get over it !
7.I know its very short, but i got bored and if u watch it a couple of times ull see there is a lot f detail and eaven a few frames can take quite some time to make

Pls review and if ur gonna give a low score atleast give detailed critisism !

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very good I used to use pivot before i got flash.

yes...there was a time...

Surprised once again.

Ok. It was great for a Pivot. Keep it up.


brao. produljavai v sa6tiq duh ;)


Very nice animation, maybe just bump the fps a little? Also, the guy below me didn't create A VS A, he just has it as his favouriots.

ghostflames responds:

Also, the guy below me didn't create A VS A, he just has it as his favouriots.

- oh shizz i didnt see that ! thnx


wow you have some pivot skilz the animation is smooth(it's pivot peopel!)adn i like how he dos a headshot one one + the ending