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Reign of Darkness (Alpha)

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Author Comments

Sorry for the "throne" crash during previous loads. Apparently, the portal copy of the flash file is incomplete. However, you're still recommended to pause and hold until the movie finishes loading.


Would've been 10...

But i want to see a finished game!!! pleeeeaaase!!

What you had was alright, but it wasn't finished.

You shouldn't have submitted this as it isn't the finished version and I feel that demos/trailers/previews/unfinished work don't deserve to be submitted to Newgrounds as they are not the finished version, you should wait until you finish something before deciding to submit it.

Demo/Trailer/Preview/Unfinished Work rant over.

What you had was alright, I liked the fact that it actually had a story and the game was also alright to play, but the problem is that you hadn't finished it, when I completed this I was dissapointed and confused, I was dissapointed because it had ended not long after it had started and I was confused because the end screen said that I'd died, when obviously I hadn't. The story to this movie, while nothing original was still nice, demon kidnaps a girl her boyfriend rescues her. The game was alright and it was fun to play but it could have been better, occasionally the projectiles that the enemies threw, after you destroyed them you'd still take damage, even though they weren't there in order to be able to damage you which was quite confusing. You also should have had health packs in it that would occasionally appear and you could restore part of your health if you managed to click on it in time, this was particularly needed for the very end part as there were three enemies and it seemed a bit harsh as you were unable stop two of their attacks from hitting you unless you killed them. You also should have had some sort of purpose for the heads to be there, like if you clicked on them you should have got something instead of it just being an added feature that wasn't particularly easy to hit anyway.

Peace Out, Afro Stud

2/5(What this game deserves in terms of how good it was)

As this game was a Demo/Trailer/Preview/Unfinished Work I shall vote 0 for it despite the fact that it earnt a higher score, sorry but those are my rules when it comes to Demos/Trailers/Previews/Unfinished Work

0/5(What I shall be voting for this submission)

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it was okay

it was too like an arcade game. unoriganal and unthought out.

nice game...

...I actually liked the animation, it's too bad that (judging by the submission date) this game will never be completed... a real shame...

Nice work though.

ok... a few things.

1. you did well
2. sometimes when i shoot the things they throw dont blow up when i shoot em.
3. story line should be more involved
4. Make a sequel ill be waiting


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Credits & Info

2.67 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2000
8:54 PM EDT
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