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Clock Day '08 - Madness

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Well I made this submission a long time ago before my trial for CS3 ran out. I was pretty bad at animating back then so don't expect much.

The movie is still pretty good. Starts out quite crappy but it's alright. Anyways, took me 2 1/2 days to finish this so...

Intro song is by Madness 6 by cheshyre. Credit song is Tsubasa Wa Pleasure Line by Kuribayashi Minami.

Oh and don't take this flash seriously.

Anyways, Happy Clock Day '08!

Added to collection! Awesome =3

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it was ok crapy animation and sortah.. well just plain bad at least the story was kinda funny

Phantox responds:


wow lol

didnt see that coming! or did i? any way kindy bad but otherwise pretty good!

Phantox responds:

Oh well. I tried my best!

the only thing i dont no is

who did u send to hell i can tell it was a girl (or guy with long hair still narrowed down to a specific range) but who did u send to hell

and for 2 days of work it was pretty good

9/10 5/5 cuz i had to round up

Phantox responds:

It was this one Newgrounds member that has mental problems. I forgot his name but he uses a female character from an anime as his profile name


Very funny: (+9)
Music(sound): (+2)
Bad animation (-4)

Summary: 7 stars
Not bad! I liked that! :)

Phantox responds:

The animation was suppossed to look that way. I was using the last 2 days of my flash 9 trial on it.

Anyways, thanks for the review