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Clockday 2008 Interview

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Update: Holy shit, thanks for putting this in the Clock Day 2008 collections page Tom!

Here is yet another movie I have been working on for a while. Believe it or not this movie took me one year to put together. Yes, one whole year. In fact I started it right after Clockday 2007 so I could get it out in time for Clockday 2008. Yes, I was that dedicated to get it done by today. And I am very satisfied with the result. I had some trouble with the Actionscripting but eventually, fixed it and ironed out all of the bugs. So once again, Happy Clock Day 2008! Here's to another 7 years of success!

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good stuff lol.

Oh snap

thank you for making the greatest thing to happen since Jesus, I can say with ease that you are above everyone and everything that has ever been, let your glory shine upon the earth!

AlexanderThe9th responds:

No, thank you for the awesome review!

Alas hide your children...

...for Tanooki-John is on the loose. No one is safe. Not your cattle, not your puppy-dogs nor your Chickens and no....Not even your....Sandwich...Or your horse...Or even your SandwichHorse...

Hearing that voice brought chills down my spine. The cross between Michael Jackson and Mickey Mouse was uncanny...Spooky stuff indeed!

Anyways this cartoon was a work of art - it combined that which is grotesque - Tanooki-John's voice with a face that very much suited it and used it as a way of parodying a well known Newgrounds troll.

I applaud the artist who created this for their artistic prowess and artistic gift.


AlexanderThe9th responds:

Best...Review...EVER! I'm glad you brought it back! Thanks for teh awesome review lol1337a, it's greatly appreciated :D