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Clock Day Short Shorts II

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Meet Strawberry Clock, Grandfather Clock and Leek Clock on this year's clock day! (part 2) <3

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I don't know if this was because it was just you, but I lol'ed at this submission. It was funny, and had some comic genius to it, even if the file size seemed a bit excessive. The audio was a bit dull in some parts, which made it kinda' crappy I think, but overall some nice work.

Mechabloby responds:

i'm tellin mommy

I am in awe part 2

God, what else can I say?!

Love you, love your work, love everything about this, it's like sexy cool and sexy.

Marry me ok.

Mechabloby responds:

you ginger bar steward

Woooo hell yeah!!

Haha I enjoyed that part with GrandfatherClock quite a bit. I knew who it was once I saw the clock xD he is really a nice guy lol but another great Clock Day Short Shorts. I had no clue you made another. Anyway this one was great. I vote 5. Nice ending too lol. TIME TO HIT SUBMIT REVIEW!!

Mechabloby responds:

i thought i showed you this one, meh.

grandfather clock's mum is a legend, seriously SHE'S FUCKIN ACE <333


The start of it the whole introy newgrounds preloadery thingy wahtever hurt my eyes : (
Silly shorts again. And damn your voice is good and works for things.
Your an old fart >:(

Mechabloby responds:

sorry about the intro, but thanks about the voice compliment D;



an average dose of clocking but nothing special consider working on the voice a bit

Mechabloby responds: