fantasy fever

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Tom! Without you, this wouldn't have been possible!

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wow! i just stumbled into this, while looking for old clockday flash movies...
great mini-tribute to SBC/pineapple clock, & to all the old, classic clocks!

i really liked the first ''clock-party'' animation, and the whoke relaxed/cool atmopshere, while i also liked the ''bernie and B'' scene from sesame street...

this was a short, but cute C.D. sumbission. nice work!
also, thanks for the cameo, i love it! XD

I don't know about this

It's weird trippy and pretty creepy.
But somewhat entertianing.
The big problem that this movie had was that weird noise.
And why'd you make it a loop?
It wasn't bad.
But it could've been better,

Trippy loop.

If this is the worst (score wise) that Clock Day 2008 had to offer then it must have been a great Clock Day,i found this quite funny and i liked the part with Bert,Ernie and B,nice job.


for the drawing skills

When can spam be artful?

Answer? In a movie like this. There are a lot of movies submitted for Clock Day that are sloppily thrown together spam, but yours is actually a) not sloppy, and b) very well done. I love the Sesame Street part, too. Great job! {{{}}}

notoorjus responds:

Thank you Losperman :)

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Aug 15, 2008
4:59 AM EDT