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ClockDay08:The Chase of B

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Author Comments

Happy Clock Day 08, Newgrounds!

This is the first movie I actually put at least SOME effort in.
(and it still looks very shitty -_-)

The end was a bit rushed, or esle I would have added a bit more to it.

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Not much going on

It didn't really seem like anything special, because it was just a guy being chased by the "B" over and over. At least it's nice to know that Benny Hill theme never gets old. There could have been a lot more detail like color instead of just the actual red "B". Of course, this was intended as a spam flash. How come the flash I submitted didn't get a high rating like these others do? I guess I should have made it more about Clock Day.

BTW, it's deleted now, so don't bother looking it up. At least the voice was pretty spot on. Well, it wasn't technically a voice, it was just created with that Speakaphone thing. As a short, very silly flash, this truly does succeed in what it sets itself out to do. It's funny how no matter what the quality is, you still have that awesome loading screen.

Haggard responds:

Yeah, if you want your flash to succeed on Clock Day it should at least contain the letter B, haha!

Haha funny stuff

LOL this was funny i liked it especially with "B" good music choice and an entertaining animation, you should make more like this a series of B adventure or something.

Make more silly B movies

Funny stick movie here


Haggard responds:

Thanks for the review X! :)

"Make more silly B movies"

I will next clock day, if I find the time.


I for one have no idea how this got in collection.
It's not bad but you could really do better.

Haggard responds:

This isn't in any collection...

Yeah, I propably could do better if I tried really hard and if I didn't have to draw with a mouse. But I'm naturally lazy and I don't want to buy a graphics tablet. I wouldn't use it much anyway. ^^

Epic chase!

Here's a nice change from your other Clock Day flashes. Instead of saying BBBBBBB and then A or C, you've made a letter B go after a stick guy (I'll assume this is you :P). That letter B can be so evil at times, especially when it tried to kill you. And while B was chasing you, Benny Hill music was played, which is overused for these sort of scenes IMO, but it fitted here nicely anyway.

Also, I loved how you put that running scene on loop, so it looked like it was one of those endless paths (forgot the right term for them, oh well). Overall, it was enjoyable for me, I laughed and I'm happy. Thanks once again Haggard. :)


Haggard responds:

The stick guy is just some random guy. And you know how evil the letter B can be, it killed you once. :P

The chase scene isn't a loop, I just copy&pasted it. ^^
So, when the Benny Hill-Theme is over, the movie ends (or it should end, but I noticed that the whole movie loops. I guess I'll have to change that at some time).

its a killer b

that b was scary

Haggard responds:

Yeah, that's why the guy had to run away. Too bad he never quite makes it, though. ^^