Magical Realism

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A silly movie about school, ducks, and anime swordfights

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i think it was cool. but work on it

coooooooooooool. work on it thoe.


That was awsome! you just need to tighten up the graphics

not bad

a bit short and rather random but your efforts were good and it was alright to watch.

That was actually really really good, I loved it.

At first I was expecting this to be yet another crappy movie, but it actually turned out to be really good, the storyline was excellent and it was very nicely done to, sure it could have been done better, but the storyline and the humour to this were great and thats what matters. I did really like how you had to click each time to go to the next section and in each part you played a short animated part of the story, it worked really well, and it contributed to why I loved this movie so much. The movie was just completely random but it worked really well and it ended up being really funny too, just due to the randomness of it all. To improve this all you had to do was improve the sound and animation, the sound needed improvement as there wasn't much sound in the movie and when there was it was of a poor quality. The animation needed improving because it didn't look too good that everything was motion tweened. This movie has gone straight into my top 10, it really was that amazing, you've gone above PALADIN Episode 3 and you've knocked out galactic stampede, so seriously congratulations on that, I can't believe this has such a low score, it's just amazing and it's done brilliantly too, this has to be the most underrated submission I've ever seen. I reckon you should remake this, improve the animation sound and graphics and this movie will do really well, definite portal top 50 material, go on and remake it I for on would love to see it. Anyway, well done, excellent job, keep up the excellent work.

Peace Out, Afro Stud




Rhete responds:

more like insanity

Oh well, same thing!

Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2000
1:57 PM EDT
Comedy - Original