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Laws 5 Kids Megamix

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Just a couple of spoofs on the epic failure that is Laws for Kids.
------Disclaimer-Please read-------
It's ment to be the way it is!
I'm not looking for critic or anything about improvements; what's there is there; you may as well enjoy it due to it being completely free.
I'll admit right away that not all the graphics are mine, that's why this movie has an old date on it; because of Newgrounds rules; but I've seen HORRID Foamy hate flashes with disgustingly bad ripping so I'm guessing this'll be alright.
****Full credits and links are at the end of the last movie and at the bottom right of the menu.****
It's 12fps by the way; just to get the 'ol Law for Kids looks.
If you've never heard of L4K go here:
http://www.lawforkids.org /toons/browse.cfm

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Haha, slig with a moral dilemma!

I love the silly story, it's pretty weird. Never heard of L4K but I enjoyed this nevertheless.
The first and last parts were my favourites, because the two dialogue scenes didn't have too much going on. Although it was kinda comical with Abe as a panda and a lolly pop...
The last one was fun, had some music/stuff from Oddworld and some nice glitchyness. And the epic suicide was nice too. Also liked the variation in music.
The end was nice, wrapping it up with random pointlessness.
So good job yet again, but you should do more stuff of your own!

pointless menu

The menu has to go. It takes away from the humor of each video. After watching something, it'd be nice if it just transitioned to the next instead of always having to go back to that dreaded menu. Nice job on everything else though.

why does it take so long to get into the clips?

felt like it took forever to start actually watching a clip. so many menus and options and little animations. a bit confusing. try breaking it up into different clips instead of just one.

Good Job citizen!

Once again, Arizona is SAVED!

MEKofTheMEKkingdom responds:

But I'm not a car!