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Cliff of Sorrow

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Author Comments

update: 11h40m after submission
ill edit this and repost it later i guess. its kinda plain right now, but i was exhuasted so i just exported it the way it was last night. cheers.
It's just a short animation with a sad music loop that I decided to make today. I couldn't really think of a good name but whatever...
Blam it if you want... but keep in mind... it's my birthday today. It has been for the past 2 hours and 24 minutes... yawn.
G'night guys.

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This is a bit unnerving.

Nice but underdeveloped

Thank you for using my song. It is greatly appreciated! :D

The flash has potential but is currently too empty. Aside from the pleasent FX and sitting animation, it simply loops indefinitely. A little more substance would be helpful, even if it was only him turning over to sleep, laying down and staring upward, etc. There are some subtleties that would have also improved this such as some small twinkling stars at night, a cloud or two, etc. The Clif was nice (looked like a face, BTW :P) but was the only thing with any substantial detail. Lines in the sand would of been a nice addition. Also, during the shift from night to day, the hue (?) is a bit ugly at some points. Day looks good and night looks good, but the transition back is a little iffy. Everything turns somewhat orange and hazy.

It is a decent loop but could be so much more! There is great importance in subtle details. Rework it a bit and it could be quite nice. Also, the audio quality was slightly muffled for some reason. :(

Thanks for using my tune and happy b-day! :D

gnome42 responds:

yeah this one was actually pretty basic
i was really tired so i just stopped and submitted it
but i updated it with a few changes, alot of the ones that you just mentioned (are you sure you didnt watch "cliff ofdespair"?)
great minds think alike hehe,

i should probably put stars too. ill put it in the... next next one. because todays will be cliff of fire or cliff of hell or something and i doubt they have stars there.
ill change the hue to a nicer color too. the reddish orange did look pretty crappy.
and sorry about the audio im not too good at that . but great song anyway ^^

Oh snap!

2.65/5.00 (+ 0.039)

gnome42 responds:

i just got +.038 hehe


nice song but the flash was a bit lame. both were quite repetitive though the song would be really good for some nice, ambient noise. liked the piano though maybe if you had some slight variations that would have made it a lot better.

gnome42 responds:

mmhmm. but it wasnt my song. check the side panel.. it was blazingdragon's song for the... mac8 competition? is that what it was called? mm.

ok fx

the whole sunrise/sunset fx worked pretty well (although sunrise looked a bit yuk for some reason, the rest were quite well done)... but, yeah, not much happened i guess.

gnome42 responds:

sorry about the yuk sunrise i didnt know what color to make it

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2008
2:27 AM EDT