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Usernamed Sucks Dick!!!!

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Usernamed is terrified of the evil monster outside his house!! Will he find a way to fight off the monster, or will he be deep-fried, impaled, and eaten with Old Bay seasoning? Terror and suspense!!

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While I don't know about the short -- the usernamed thing is intriguing.
It would be fantastically hilarious if Unsernamed was a real screename from the internet, and someone happened to copy that rediculously retarded text from some obscure corner of it. I can't fap for some reason. Probably a cold.
That is the most retarded, stupid, stupid, pointless thing, that I have ever seen. Just hilarious. Just. Hilarious.
If this was real text, could you please tell me where it came from? It is just hilarious, and it is perhaps even more hilarious that someone copied and pasted that stupid, stupid, utterly pointless, crap.

LordZeebmork responds:

usernamed exists.


it came from a MSN convo.

The animation

pretty much sucked but the reason i liked it is the chat at the end!


who is this usernamed fellow everyone is go'n on about?

well this wasn't very entertaining...it was very simple...and...kinda sucked.
so There's a nice soggy 2 for you.