Helen and Chuck

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This is a sequel to my previous flash.

v.2: I added more movements, more lighting, and fixed the preloader.

V.3: Added 3 more movements, various other fixes, and gave Helen boobs.


This was surprisingly funny.

I had a laugh at the song and had a flash back of me 8th birthday and those horrible animatronics.

Good job.


if u had them break dancing with like some light show in the back oh and some titties you would have gottin a 10

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VMKMASTER responds:

I wanted to give her like a B cup but I couldn't figure out how to do it. LOL

other than how annoying that is....

I gave you points for making the song, but took them away again for the animation.
The girl and the mouse only move their eyes, arms, and mouths. it needs more motion, more creativity. And it's only the one scene the entire time, why not show mr. cheese out in the arcade or sumthin? While they are singing they look totally expressionless. They are singing a song about FUN right? They should look happy.

VMKMASTER responds:

I didn't make the song. And it's kinda about the robots but I can put something on the screen.

What is this supposed to be?

It's got even LESS movement than the first Chuck movie, and it was as stupid. The music is... erm... well... disturbing I'd say, and the two rats (or what they are) look like they are sleeping with half closed eyes.

VMKMASTER responds:

Well, I had to animate two characters and got kinda lazy. I'll upload a V2 with more movements soon.

Animation could of been done better, but...

The soundscore and dialouge really helped it. I haven't watched the previous installment, so I might go on and watch it. The reason for my dislike on the animation because there wasn't much movement except the eyes, mouth and arms. That's why the soundtrack helps.

Good job, hope you continue.

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2.42 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2008
11:53 AM EDT
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