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Sonic Syythe World 16

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Note: There has been comments about there being a 'white screen' at the beginning of the movie. It's not white, it's actually tinted. There is text behind it after Shiva uses her mist but on some monitors you can't see it. Just press spacebar a few times (to skip the several dialogues beind the mist)

Alright. This movie is almost 10 large. Do not expect it to load up soon! This has no loading bar, very sorry. Yeah, I haven't made this in a while. Can't be better than SCE or SCD I'm guessing.
Sonic Syythe World 12 IS here so PLEASE WATCH IT! I may be editting this soon. Please check out Sonic Turbine also! Best reviewer will be featured in my next flash so please tell me if you find any bugs here or anything! I will edit them out as soon as possible. I'll be re-watching this here now on Newgrounds so please be patient too. Next will most likely be Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 4. I may have forgotten what to say so I might edit the comments later

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preety good!

I like this series ALOT! BRAVO! But I hate the fact that there NO rpg at all except for that one episode that had crap rpg. Static Vs. a bunch of ninja bots seriously I was really hoping to play as haku and sky together. I haven't even finish the episode yet. I'm posting this before the end because i'm assuming there no rpg. But this series is still one of my favorite fan series so 4.5 stars.

I love it

A killer Z it makes no sence when the shadow guy has one of the hedgehogs on it then soon it will move to a different platform then it moves to the hedgehog then it dies.

it was great, and what does shadix3214 meant by "arnas needs our help"???was he talking about the character arnas wants it for season 2??.
well i made one but i can't g to sonic turbine so how can i give it to arnas?????.