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Visions 1/2

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WARNING: All audio is in spanish. If you can't stand reading subtitles, better dont watch it.

Story: Some kids in a school start having some visions, and if they see what they saw on their vision, they died. So they're trying to escape that horrible place we know as school.

Dont you hate those two part flashes? I really do. And I swear I did everything possible to avoid this being a two-part flash. Even today I fought my computer trying to export it all together, but it wasnt possible. Tho those are rants you can see on my blog or something, i ownt take space in here.
This was based on a dream I had long ago, I adapted a story, and wanted to make it a flash. But I am ambicious and inexperienced. So it turned out causing more problems than what it is worth. Still I finished, after more than a year.

Thanks to Seatha for letting me screw her computer trying to fix this.
Thanks to Temariix for that inspirational pm on puting together stuff.
Thanks to Night-Mare for being my diary.
Thanks to TomFulp for raising my filesize limit. Shame that i didnt use it since i couldnt export this altogether.
And thanks to you for taking your time to watch.

Second part will be submitted shortly!

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You submitted without telling me. ):

Oh well.

Very confusing seeming it wasn't in english, but the outcome was awesome and I could just keep up with the storyline.

I love it very much.
Also, thank you for mentioning me in the comments. :D

Okay well, NOW TO WATCH PART 2! :D

prety good

this is the first time i've seen one of your works, and it's alot better than most people, you deferentially have a style and a system that is working for you. the size and length of your projects shows your dedication, although the detail of the art works could use improvement, the style and animation makes it worth watching. In the coming years i hope to see great things in your videos.

so far your strengths are in your story telling and speed; your style makes for the speed displaying that you know what your doing, which is very important since many people jump in without a style that they do well and works for them.

something that can be improved on is the art work, but don't put too much time into it, you'll learn how you can get a lot out of so very little. your animation is fine as it is, but as you experiment with tweens start with the simple idea of using tweens not to more objects from point A to B but to reuse things, latter when your tired from drawing, mastering shape tween will feel like flash animates itself. and just one more thing that is very important in flash animation graphic symbols are your friend.

the quality of the audio was poor due to the poor quality of the recordings, something to remember even with a professional mic is to talk at the mic not into it, take a step back and speak louder, setting the mic sensitivity higher will only add more noise.

you still have a lot to learn and flash is something you can spend your hole life mastering, but keep it quick and simple you have a good thing going here.


great everything :D
just except that microphone problem, I guess you should make it softer :X

PinkSkull responds:

Sorry, it was the best i could do. Even exporting it at the highest quality it sounded scratchy. In the fla it didnt, tho. Always had microphone problems, i think i'll get a new one >:0

Yay!!! Finaly!!!!

=D The story is so cool!
You did a great job!!! I love the voice acting xD

I hope for the 2nd part to come soon! ^^
The camera guy is so cute :3
Keep up the great job!!

Heres a tip-

GET A BETTER MICROPHONE!!! Make those flash people talk english.

PinkSkull responds:

Geez, i said the audio wasnt in english with a big warning...