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Cyberangel 888: Act 1/3

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Author Comments

Ahh! Flash comics! After a bout with actual animation, I've gone back to something that I've enjoyed working on, the combination of still images, limited animation, and text boxes to create a moving comic. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned actual animation yet.

I also do realize that two of the characters are not fully voiced. There was a problem at the VA's side, and it'll be sorted out when the time comes. I also cannot wait for it since today is a special date. August 8, 2008. 08-08-08. It will be fixed at a later date, and the last two parts will not be released until it is fully completed.

What can I say about this. Rinoa Rockstar is a high school girl who is constantly picked on, and her bullies are being sent to the hospital one by one. What is she going to do about it?

You may also check this out at:
deviantArt ( http://avalonknight.devia ntart.com/ art/Cyberangel-888-Act-On e-94253753 )
Youtube (To be released)
Vimeo HD (To be released)

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You do realize that the comment "For an emo girl your offally(I really need to learn how to spell that.....) happy." Is incredibly inaccurate in meaning. Emo in itself stands for emotional. Happy is an emotion. Therefore, being excessively happy all the time would make you Emo.

As for the idea, why is it that she even cares that the cyberangel is beating bullies up? I must say that doesn't really make much sense. Ignore it and move on. Don't angst over it.

As a final note....Well I really got nothing. These intense ways you make these films that suck you in, then wait forever to continue them is well.....annoying. The only things I see you continueing at all is TOTALLYBS and that MAIDROUSER one. These others get one episode, then get ignored. A rather sad way to do things.

omegafinal responds:

Maybe. But if you want to delve in the stereotype, being happy is something an emo can't handle. Rinoa ultimately just wants to be left alone, and obviously the threat of the Cyberangel and bullies secretly want to fight it by starting a fight with her first, then hope said angel comes...it's obviously attracting more unwanted attention than she wants.

This actually got a WIP direct sequel called TRITEN, and this year I plan on remaking the entire saga, because I was unhappy on how it went, both story and behind the scene.

Huh, emos

It is interesting to be introduced to a new series on this website. I can say that it seems to be starting off fairly well, even if it is a little hard to understand. Apparently this is supposed to take place in 2910, but I don't see any technological advancements. Of course, given how dishonest movies are about predicting the future, it's probably more realistic. Some of the characters did not have dialogue, but they all seem to be likeable. It seems like a pretty original idea that has many things in development.

A good idea that is need of improvements.

After watching the whole thing, this really shows that you could use some help in quite a few areas. While a lot of people here may claim that this is unoriginal, but this is fresh enough to get the attention of those who are actually interested. Truth is, I am against the whole Flash Comic setup because the results almost always turn out to suck (Ex: Thamesis). I think you are someone who has potential, but has yet to properly tap into it. With that out of the way...

The Graphics while not the best, get the point across in most parts. Unfortunately, the lack of animation outside of alpha and motion tweening severely affects this. I think you are need of The Animator's Survival Kit, which will make your flash a whole lot more believeable. Then again, I could probably use that book myself. If you are going to use stills, at least have the characters blink. As for the style; it's better than what Rhete can do, but anime derived art is overused and you'll piss off anime haters such as Oney, TFX, Azure St0ne, and Hans Van Harken. Of course, I'm not too fond of anime myself, but I do like Fist of the North Star, Dragon Half, Tekkaman, and Angel Sanctuary. As for the sound, I liked the voices that Ry-Guy did (he was in MMZ: The Last Cataclysm 2) and some bits of Rinoa (after Chase got his ass kicked), but the other voices weren't very convincing and the music tended to drown them out. Plus, while the song you used wasn't bad, it didn't fit this kind of series. I think it could use a bit more electronica here and there. As for the story, it's better than Arrogancy, Xombie, and Minushi which is saying something. However, I think you could use a co-writer or two. Not to mention, the character names you chose remind me of Star Ocean. (Familiar with that series by any chance?)

What I do like:
-Above-average story
-Decent character design
-Somewhat fresh concept
-Some of the voice acting was great

What I didn't like:
-The drawings need a lot of work and...
-...they're in need of some more actual animation.
-Unfitting music
-The rest of the voices weren't up to par with what Ry-Guy did.

Overall: Chester, here's a seven and keep practicing in the art/animation field.

omegafinal responds:

I personally just think of anime as a style medium rather than a genre, and that it's no different than something like Disney or Saturday morning cartoon in that respect. But I can see where the hate is coming from somewhat. I just like the style overall, because it feels more "controlled", which is more fitting and comfortable for someone like me. I cannot do anything "ballistic" or exaggerated like Van Harken or Egoraptor, which is something I kinda envy at times.

Flash Comics can either be an real easy field to work on, because you can just slap in still images and all it a day, which would be lazy usually; or a hard one in terms of striking up that right amount of animation while retaining the feel of a comic. My inspiration came from Broken Saints, which I still hold as the best flash comic series ever, even purchased the initial box set release. Even that series is more on the mentioned "easy side", the amount of work put into each image and its evolution throughout the years to its finale is just fantastic.

Even though I'm familiar with the Star Ocean series (only the anime based on the first half of Second Story and watched my sister play through Til the End of Time.) The character names are actually inspired by No More Heroes's naming conventions, like Rinoa and Trish having exactly five and eight letters for the first and last names and starting with the same letters. I think her name is Trish in this one, been a long time since I watched my old works. I'm currently writing a new installment where's she's called "Trisha" for a rhythmic balance. Given my slight Boston accent, her name would then sound like "Trisha Transfa" at the end.

The musical choice is an odd one, because Rinoa is pretty much an emo character, so I needed some decent "emo-sounding" music. If I didn't cancel it, then the second and third episode would progressively move to a more electronic-based music for its grand finale.

I remember you reviewing my latest LoZ work, and I think you can see some of the improvements (or DEprovements here lol). Still improving though.

hey there, stranger!

I finally got around to watching this!

I have to say, the visuals were much better than I anticipated from that banner in the audition thread. Even if the art looks a bit unpracticed (and I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt, since you said there was computer tracing going on) I still like the over all style of it.

But, the one thing that really bothered me (so much so that it's almost the full reason for taking off 3 stars) was the lack of voicing in some places. As a voice actress and a producer, I can speak very strongly from all angles.

If you have a deadline for the completed work to be done, then you need to set a deadline for the VAs. The deadline should be a few weeks ahead of the completion date, plus and extra week or 2 for padding. Those padding weeks are in case the VAs need to reschedual. They should let you know if there's a conflict at least 1 week (if not more) before the VA deadline (that's just out of respect and proper VA manners). If that's the case, try to arrange something.

Of course, if the VA can't get things done on time (especially if you've given extensions) then you need to sack them and go to the understudy; your work shouldn't have to suffer because VAs are being difficult.

You should never post something in this condition, because it will look half-assed; even when other aspects show a lot of time and energy.

In short, it was a good effort on your part, but you need to control your VAs; it's your project, not theirs, and shouldn't have to suffer because of them.

omegafinal responds:

Heya, thanks for reviewing. A lot of time has since past after the release of this, and you can bet that I've learned something from it. I hope in the future that I'll finish this series in its entirety.

0808080807? Missed it by one second...

Plot wise I am highly interested. And can't wait to see how the characters develop and why things are happening the way they are.

I like the idea of a flash comic and how it mixes animation with comic styles. I believe this has a lot of potential. While I admit the lack of voices in some areas did ruin the experience a bit, it was only a bit as I was more into the story than anything else.

I think with the next one you might want to focus more on the audio in order to balance the scenes out. It's already been mentioned that some parts there's audio that's too loud or too low.

As far as the style goes, it's your style and I think it was well done. There could have been more detail in the character and maybe some improvements in anatomy, but you're tracing from Illustrator and that can be a pain. I know...

I think it would save you time and effort to draw them directly in Flash instead of tracing them. But that's all preference and is entirely up to you.

Overall, I'm happy to see something other than a parody of a parody on NG. Something with some depth that will display typical story elements. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some parodies, and I give the parody artists props (there are a lot of good ones out there who put the time and effort in), but I like stories, and I like things that keep me interested and it's always nice to see original works from people.

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2008
8:07 PM EDT