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UFO.noir v2.0

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Author Comments

Since players were finding the original game sooo hard, I took it upon myself to make some swift changes, so that all the levels I put into it wouldn't go to waste.

Version 2.0 has:
Less gravity and a lower terminal velocity so the UFO falls more slowly.
Passwords for almost every level, so it's easier to progress through the game and not get frustrated.
Tilt displays for when you're off screen.
Tweaked laser on level 9 so you can avoid it by hovering above the screen.
Boss made much easier.
Lag reduction for boss.
Rearanged menus.

UFO.noir is a stylized action/puzzle/skill game that puts you in the ship of Agent 2137, an operative sent to earth to collect specimens for whatever the purpose of his superiors. Using the ships unusual controls, you must navigate over 30 perilous levels, collecting cows, humans, and avoiding everything from laser fences, automated cannons, to the final boss.

Don't expect to master the controls straight away, I have made the ship more user freindly but they may still take some getting used to. the only advice I can give you is to thrust a little at a time. If you want to go left don't tilt your ship all the way left then thrust 'cause you'll crash, tilt it a little and tap the thrust as you go.

Keep an eye out for passwords given on the death screen, as they let you continue from the last checkpoint you passed. Oh and I'll warn you now. It's hard. So I hope you're up for a challenge. I should mention btw that it's my first game, so don't expect lots of amazing modern features lol.

I used soem great audio portal music in this game and it really helps add to the atmosphere, especially in later levels, but if you'd rather listen to your own music, simply type 'mute' in the passwords screen.


EDIT: Made UFO's thruster less powerful so it's harder to go zooming off. The things I do for you people ._.

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One of my Favorite Flash Games!

Awesomeness! This game so cool! Takes a little skill/practice to master the controls. UFO Noir is one of my all time favorite flash games! This game is mad fun! I can air lift multiple things at different angles simultaneously, and can do back flips!

10/10! What a great and original concept! This is much easier than flying an actual helicopter. This game is exactly what it says, don't bash just because you prefer easy! Challenging is exactly what some are looking for!

Do you think you could add downward acceleration (down key/"s")? This way you could do even more creative tricks (ie hovering/swooping upside down, beam things above you)? This would satisfy everyone, make it easier to avoid things above for novices, and also so pros don't have to wait for gravity?

Good Job! I highly recommend this game!

UFO Noir: My favorite game ever!

Man, I love this game! My favorite game of all time! You fly around as a UFO, what did you guys think it would be easy? haha. Yeah seriously this thing has a learning curve and it takes some getting used to flying that saucer, but when you become good at flying this thing this game is more addictive than crack! Great Job! I don't agree with some of the "improvements" suggested, for skilled players, the sluggish gravity makes it hard to accelerate downward when needed (I still prefer version 1- you hit the controls nail on). Perhaps you could add an option to satisfy everyone (wimpy vs pro controls? haha. With wimpy version that just is arrow keys no gravity on it haha...) But most of all, add a timer to see who can win the fastest- that's what this game needs! (and make sure to keep the wimp time separate from the pro record times!). I always wished there was a game like this!

Can you beat your own game,

I know why this isnt simple, if you cant just move side to side u have to throw urself over and then balance; thats smart lol,nice job for ur first,how far can you get?

2ndself responds:

I can do more than half of the game without dieing, and using the passwords (minus the ones I added for v2) I can still complete the game. I wouldn't publish it if I couldn't.

I, for one, really liked it!

The game isn't challenging, but the controls give off that apprearance.
Only thing I had trouble with, is that the game glitched after I died and I was unable to enter a password.
Really addictive, though.
Good work!


2ndself responds:

Thanks. Haven't had any glitches like that. o_O Don't suppose you could shoot me a pm of what exactly it did?

Needs a bit more tweeking.

Controls are a little awkward, but the graphics are nice. I think the UFO needs a bit more work on handling.

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2008
1:30 PM EDT