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Animators hall collab

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Well a few years ago there was gonna be an Animators Hall collab. (A forum website for pivot and flash) but it was never done. So since this movie was never shown I'll post it here. I made this before I joined Newgrounds and know it is better than AH so I've modified it a little. Also be aware this is a collab entry so it's supposed to be short. Enjoy.

P.S. The movie ends when the screen goes black saying "Flash-King-700"


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Nice short piece of work

....that deserves some kudo's. Shame the collab wasn't made but its their loss.

Naruto sucks

But you gave a link to DD, so I respect you. Are you registered there? Whats your name?

Flash-King-700 responds:

No I didn't. And I'm not registered there. Darkdemon is an opposing site to AH so I dislike it.


i dont like nuruto so 9 instead of ten but amazingly good animation

Flash-King-700 responds:

What's wrong with Naruto?

All Hail Newgrounds.

Omg that was so sweet. the only thing that would have made it better is if it was longer. But no matter. The message is clear. Newgrounds RULES!

Flash-King-700 responds:

Yeah well see it was a collab entry so it was supposed to be short.

Pretty good

Sprites are pretty easy to animate with, so I'm not going to give you a good score for that. But you did animate them well. It was kind of short and the taller character didn't move around enough, unless he was just to good to move around. It was watchable though, unlike some other sprite flashes.

Flash-King-700 responds:

Yeah because Itachi (the tall one) never does movie around much. He always sorta stands in one spot and lets others come to him.