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A Lost City Pt. 3 (test)

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EDIT: Woohoo! It worked! Now I can go on with the series!

This is a test to see if the speed decreases again although I watched some compressing tuts.

It's recommended to watch part 1 and 2 first otherwise you wouldn't understand the crap of this!

Not recommended to read:
If you clicked Scene Selector in the menu you probably noticed that it's disabled. That's because the movie's not finished yet and their's no need to enable it.
I started drawing guns by my own because getting some pictures from Google and bitmap tracing them sucks. And, if you have guns, you need...hands. So I'm also drawing hands and feet. And, you can't hear it now, but Rammstein's coming back!


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I think the movie looks cool, but if you're looking for flash guns, just go to
they've got plenty of guns

Oakwood responds:

I'm actually trying to draw my own guns.


you put the censored thing because you is lazy //_^

Oakwood responds:

That's a secret...

it was alright

It had some ok fighting. but it was kind of slow.

Oakwood responds:

Yeah, that actually is the problem. The frame rate is 30 and still it runs slow. It also happened to my other submissions. I don't know what the problem is and this is to test if it happens this time.

StickmanFire's review:

Amazing, truly amazing.
This was a really awesome piece of work.
I've watched the other two but haven't reviewed them.
I might do later.
But anyway this one was brilliant.
It was double the ammount of brilliance as the last two!

Yours sincerely

Oakwood responds:

Thanks, please review the others!

You keep improving, good job

I had hoped this one would be longer. You sense of perspective and movement has gotten better. I've always liked how you portrayed your main character with the facial expressions and I love the story behind why he is doing this. Ends up not being just pointless violence. But maybe a longer animation for each part. As this one goes, it seems a little less fluid in the storyline. I hope you keep making these.

Oakwood responds:

I forgot to tell, but this isn't the end of part 3. It's just to see if it runs slowly again (that happens indeed). That's why the scene selector is disabled, because there's only one scene to select (when death mental begins), so I thought it was not necessary. But still thanks for the review!