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Robot Frank-Tribute

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I have been discussing making a series with Robot Frank & some of the NG users. Today I threw together this little movie for fun & as a test. It is kind of cool I think. Go visit Robot Frank at www.robotfrank.com

To make sure everyone understands. I am the writer/animator for this short. The characters were created by the guy who runs robotfrank.com.

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This had an interesting setup. I actually really do like the animation here. It holds up quite well! Maybe it's just because this is quite old, but it doesn't hold up well. It's just a few jokes. I remember that voice.

I guess it's not just the clocks who use it. I think the small size works. The animation seems to work better that way. It's just nothing interesting. Well other people like it at least.

the future

this should have been an animated version of the park fight. that was one of the most epic moments in the pre myspace internet.

Very Interesting....

Not that bad of a flash. I mean it was random but not too bad. You do have flash down your toon was very smooth and the voices sounded great as well. If you could work on anything if it had more action and length and a set storyline it'd be nice. Like I said nice idea but just expand on it.

That was great

That was hilarious, really fantastic. I hope to see more of you and ?Robot Frank. Kewep it up.

looks good to me.

robot frank here - why didn't we ever do this? ppl seemed to really dig it! such a shame. robot frank is slipping through the internet cracks these days....

fourchinnigan responds:

Because we are stupid stupid humans!