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Dr Steel's We Decide It

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Dr Steel explains through this song that we decide not only our own destiny, but our own reality as well. Just remember that we decide it!

This is a departure from some of my fancier animations. I really wanted people to pay attention to the song and the lyrics. This song inspired me, and I hope it does you as well.


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Been missing the Good Doctor a lot lately, so I figured I'd go over some of the old videos. Thanks for all of you contributions to the cause. That YJ was well earned.

Steel sanctioned...Robot approved...

Brother, if you aren't a Yellow Jacket, I will eat my goggles. All these animations of yours are amazing and a great tribute to Dr. Steel. I actually found the simplicity of this vid the most moving of them all, despite how AMAZING the artwork adn animation is in the others. Toy Soldiers Unite! Much love from Artorius Pendragon (aka Doctor Skullboy). Peace!

We decide it.

Heh. Not the best quality, to be honest (I think Back and Forth was better in terms in quality), but good execution.

Also, several languages, heh.

I think you should make more of these when you can :)

We decide...

We decide to help Dr. Steel. :P

Also, if you are in SE PA, hopefully the Saitan Marines, an almost-division of the Toy Soldiers and the army of my micronation, Saito.

Anyway, great job, again. I only wish I had a copy of Flash, then I could help you with the little bits, the trivial bits, of the animation.

Good luck soldier. Keep spreading propaganda! :P


I have to admit I do enjoy Dr. steel but I think I may never be one of his Soldier because even if his ideals lead for a new world order when and how is the big question. I have watched some of his videos and understand it a little but still there are things bigger then this. By the way anyways When he says "we decide it" it sounds more like the men behind the curtain then you Toy Soldiers, but anyways good flash I enjoy your work on the text and keep it up. Good luck with your Utopian play land.