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A Groople Paxicle alien is wandering along when he happens upon a Yitney fruit, a highly hallucinogenic plant that can walk. The Groople is stupid and eats the fruit, which sends him on a dangerous trip. Everything round turns into a Yitney, and he eats all the round things he sees.
A squirrel uses the Groople's impairment to send him off a cliff, and he ends up in the belly of a giant Grudler. The Grudler is then sent on a trip in which reality and fantasy are a complete blur....

This was made on a whim because I was bored with one project and started doing this. Then, I found out I needed to earn independent study credit so I went all out with this so I could turn it in for my final project at the University of Utah. No storyboard, just train of thought.... not sure it goes anywhere.

(C) Christian Madsen 2008

Edit- Thanks Newgrounds for the Treasure Hunt win!

2018 Edit: If you enjoy my work, please visit and share my Kickstarter. It's live until January 10th, 2018.

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the character design is so complex and i like the mix of 2d with 3d in the end


animation was cool :) don't do drugs XD


I saw this at a film showing and was like "what IS THIS! It is amazing!" And then I became your number one fan. How do you make this stuff? How do you single handedly make all these little tiny details happen all at once with such a mesmerizing flow!????? HOW!!!!!!!!


I have had trips like that before.

Don't do drugs..

See this why we don't drugs, you'll think everything is a tomato and eat it mindless. In fact you'll even end up being eaten by a giant Furry. sending him on a drug induced tomato eating rampage, dooming everyone.