The Last Hour: Chapter 3

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The Last Hour series is an alternative interpretation of the Last Hours on earth before the coming of Christ. In this version of Revelations, the Anti-Christ allies himself with an alien race from the planet of Jaiba. Be sure to check out the previous chapters as well.

The Last Hour: Chapter 3 (Bad News)

Previously on the last chapter of The Last Hour series. The MadFalconX13 managed to send back the live feeds from his spy battle ship, but his snooping around was surely unwanted, and the Jaibidians took the solider inside the MadFalcon down. With the rebellion exposed, what then shall await? The adventure continues!

I hope you enjoy the series.
***I will respond to every single review. I'll be happy to take your criticism, and i'll take your suggestions into consideration. It's my promise for taking the time to watch this chapter. It will be perfect for you to increase your review/response ratio. Thanks again.***
***Chapter 4 is in production. I will post an update with more details soon***




I can defiantly see an improvement here. The graphics are better than in the previous episodes, but they still are pretty sloppy. I know that drawing with the mouse is a pain in the ass, but Flash also offers a nice rubber tool. Be sure to make good use of that as it can be used to avoid that lines are drawn longer than needed.

I liked the new preloader better than the older one. The new one is much more present on the screen and the play button is visible at first glance.

{ Review Request Club }

Jaiba responds:

if you wanna see an improvement definitely check out chapter 4 and 5 and my upcoming chapters. Go ahead and watch and review them. Chapter socks will rock your world. Go ahead chapter 4 and 5, i shall wait for your review

Scene 3

I'm glad that you've moved another step towards learning how to use the features of Flash properly. It's a learning curve and I'm glad to see that you're on it.

The pre-loader looked better this time, with the solid effect enabling us to see what was going on, rather than having it blended into the background. Though there still needs to be some work done on the grammar, I'll accept that this was already published to Newgrounds when I first passed comment on the grammar.

The drawing needs some work and I'm sure that it will come in time - lip sync is your next task, as you've managed to manipulate the mouths of the characters to open and closed in elipses. Now look at yourself in the mirror and work out what different shapes you need to form basic words. Get a small collection of these shapes and you'll have your basic mouths, which you can add in the correct situation. Getting them to line up with the sound can be tricky, but you seem to be doing alright at present.

When you record the sounds, try to be a little further from the mic, as there was quite a bit of static on the NOOOOOOOOOOO! part. Either that or turn the mic sensitivity down a little.

Don't forget, it's not just the mouths of the people that move - they can change facial expression, some talk using hand gestures and some just make expansive shrugs. Not everyone does this, so a blend will help.

[Review Request Club]

Jaiba responds:

the facial movements and hand gestures have been suggested and we have presented basic levels of what you have just noted. if you check out chapter 5 you can note that we have implemented the facial gestures and such into the movie. and we have worked on our voice acting. we bought 5 dollar mics instead of those cheap crappy ones that come with the sony tape recorders. now we are moving on up into the higher end spectrum of flash animation.

Better than the other two

The voice is not that slow and annoying so that is good. Animation was at a minimum, however, the sounds were OK. I liked how you put comments on the monitors when the two men were talking :) Had to zoom in and look at them all. Gave me a laugh :D

Overall, this was not that bad, yet not that good either. You really need to work on more animation, and longer chapters.

.:.Review Request Club.:.

Jaiba responds:

wow that is cool. you are the first person to have notice the comments on the screen. that is awesome. you have a great eye. thanks for watching. i still have two more movies if you have time, could you watch and review those? we are working on chapter 6 and it will be better than ever.

So bad is funny

Well what can i say this is just terrible, i could not help laughing at the inane speeches.

Graphics.3/10 Again no real change from the previous two although the two men sitting down were better drawn. Really though this looks very bad the animation and voice, movements are poor. This looked just like no efffort was put into this, the movie should have gotten better by now.

Sound.3/10 Slightly better but again the voices, are below par. The music was to loud it overshadowed t,he speeches.The dialogue was ropey the silly voices made me cry ,with laughter as it so terrible. This is not a good thing as this is not meant, to be funny painful and to drawn out.

There is very little to say which is good i guess the comedy voices, made for a humorous time which is not the idea i think.

This is just as bad as the other two the story you dont care .about as it so bad. No effort at all the speches, look and movie are appaling. Sorry i know ive not done a flash before ,and so i cant comment ,but even low quality flashes can be good with time and effort. This sems like none of these its like you dont care ,and are just wating time. I would not call thsi spam but its close to it. Sorry but its so short as to be a waste of time, calling it a series.

Ovreal make it longer.

review request club

Jaiba responds:

thanks for reviewing. i do have a bit of irish accent since i am from northern ireland, but i try to change my voice acting dramatically so you don't hear my accent, which may have turned out quite bad. these are one of my first few flashes. i've only had flash for one week since chapter 5 so you will see i'm a quick learner of flash. two more movies to go?! chapter 5 is the grand daddy of them all. but i have learned new stuff everyday so chapter 6 will be even longer and better.


The entirety of the pre-amble that accompanies your name should be cut. The movie just isn't long enough for that sort of thing.

It seemed like the text section was almost as long as the movie!

The voice of the lad on our left was specially ridiculous. It sounded more like someone being silly than someone actually trying to act in a serious story.

The music you've got is great - why hasn't it been credited by now? Still, don't play it for every single episode. It's starting to get irritating and can drown out the voices.

At least make an attempt at drawing various mouth shapes. Draw different body shapes, trying to convey emotions via body posture.

Use better voices or use text.

The title screen's asteroids were kinda cool and I liked the look of the photo.

Overall though, this is a horrible thing to watch. I'm hoping episode 5 is as big an improvement as you imply.

Jaiba responds:

sorry i have a bit of an irish accent being as i am an irish immigrant. to moved down to the south with my family. but i shall work on it.

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Aug 3, 2008
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