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Fate of the Faye

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The basic back story is that while Kaelyn and the other warriors of his village were off fighting, their enemies eluded them and attacked the village, burning it to the ground. Luckily a scout saw them coming and they were able to escape without any loss of life, but now Lurichan is separated from her love. It is difficult to hide from a dangerous enemy, yet make oneself known to an ally.

I'm sure a lot of people don't realize this, so I'll say it now... Not all kinds of fairies have wings. (I'm sure someone will watch the entire animation and be super confused because they don't see any little pixies with wings, only two pointy eared people that must be elves... No... they're not... They're faye... Anyway...)

This is ENTIRELY frame by frame. Not a single tween. It was sort of a challenge really, it's kind of strange looking at your time line and seeing all grey boxes.

I think this would have come out better if I'd had a chance to practice with my tablet for more than just a weekend before making it, and done a little bit more actual frame by frame animation.

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For the style you used, the animation was quite elegant and smooth actually. I enjoyed it. The emotion was very strong, in which I think your choice of music did a lot with that in addition to the the very smooth movements. I definitely hope to see more from you.

That is called rotoscoping.

Howdy! I like the effort here, though it seems that you took a video of someone and then drew over them to make the animation.

This can be good, but you have to stick more to the lines of the previous drawing that is what gives you the fluttery effect on your lines.

A good attempt just focus on cleaning up your linework a little more.

Nice flash.

I liked it.

I was feeling the emotion through the music and word making the sweet melody of sadness overcome joy.

I liked the graphics the characters we're large tho, the girl looked like a women viking by that I mean she's a big Ice box.

It was a good flash yes.

The text was good also but I don't know you should add some creative spice on your receipe.


I'm sure this movie was good but I'm a very impatient person and I didn't feel lk waiting 4 FUCKEN ever on the loading screen, so fix that, k k

avidlebon responds:

Are you on dialup? It takes about five to ten seconds for it to load for me.


nice art, but the framerate was killing me. Personally, I can't really looked at anything under 16FPS, and I'm partial to 24. It's common practice to do a 24FPS framerate and go 2-1 on characters animations, but the tilt up to the sky was like an earthquake in my eyeballs.

Keep it up! you're on the right track.

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3.98 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2008
2:34 PM EDT