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The Joker's Last Laugh

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Batman's arch nemesis, The Joker, makes sure he has the last laugh.

The new Edd Egg episode is delayed due to me moving home but I made this quick bit of silliness as a bit of filler.
All animated and voiced by me!

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it was ok

I thought the drawings were pretty poorly done and the sound was a bit low. The humour was there but just not enough to make me smile.

It was ok, nothing remarkable i think.

gimme an award

Well you should. ... ASSFUCKER!!!

very good story

and its also amazing the fact that they could talk with no mouth


and the actor that was playing joker at dark knight actually died by taking headache and sleepy peels together and then they gave him the oscar and everyone paid attencion to joker and didn't give shit about batman.I'm happy ofcourse cause my name says it i'm the joker :) :) :D XD

Wrong but funny.

I got a couple of laughs from this little Batman parody,the animation wasn't impressive but the voice acting was fantastic as was the script,the jokes in this we're pretty much a low blow to Heath Ledger but still it was quite funny all the same,nice work.