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Sonic Life 3: FFtE

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Author Comments

Yo. This is episode 3 of my Flash series Sonic Life (Episode 1 is unfinished, Episode 2 doesn't have credits as it was for a school assignment). Well...Some of it. This is my work so far. It kinda ends abruptly because it's unfinished, but I'm still working on it.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear what kind of comments I can get from it. Please review it so I know where to work on it. Thanks!

Quincy AKA SuperSaiyanSonic

Minor Edit: You'll probably need to view at Medium or even Low quality. It's a bit graphic-heavy.

Edit, as of 18/10/08: Here's an update of my work. I haven't been working much on it, but I am going back to it as of today. Keep your eyes peeled!

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:d not good idea

not so cool finish it!!!!!


im sure this would be great...IF YOU FINISHED IT!!! All of your past submitions were the bomb diggity!!! But you gotta admit, this kinda sucks. And I saw you got a review by BlackDevilX. Why dont you ask him to help you finish this video? if your reading this, review me and tell me what you think of my idea.

Potential you should work on

I've just went back and watched all your movies - helps the fact I'm a Sonic fan. And yeah, this one was *really* unfinished, while the others did have a full story - which was the reason for their good grades, I'd risk to say. It looks like you put this one up as you're trying new animating techniques so people can say how well you're doing. That has advantages, but mostly disadvantages (explained below).
Some things you might want to work on to improve:
- the file size is big, probably due to the sounds, so you could look into compressing techniques;
- you might want to meet some people at forums so they can help you with your work; that way you shouldn't need to submit incomplete works;
- if you really can't get people to help you in forums, you can submit the work as long as there's at least some end for the story you start. It's really frustrating when you start watching a good story and it simply ends nowhere;
- in my opinion, any movie with a plot should have a preloader, a full story (even if it's 30 sec long), and credits; this comes more like a reminder because your past movies has *almost all that.
Good things you've done, in my opinion:
- good animating so far, and
- very nice sprite use, some Sonic sprites I haven't ever seen in a Flash movie around; especially in your past works; that makes it all the more important to have credits;
- taken out the voices for now, even though I think you could have some practice and put them up again in the future, or meet people who can help voicing you characters (believe me, many love doing that).
So one last advice (if I can give any): get ready for what people say. Some may not help at all, but a good chunk touches at least *some* aspect. And there might be someone actually willing to help, or maybe want to invite you to work with them. So keep it up, try to fix the tech aspects of your movies with their help. But don't just accept everything, ask yourself why, keeping your own movie style.
You got a great potential since the first NG movie. Second Flash ever? Not bad! I hope you want to work on it! Sorry for the big text.

SuperSaiyanSonic responds:

Don't worry! In my eyes, the bigger the better!
That was some really helpful advice that I will definately take into account. Thanks!

Where do I start?

For a beta, it's okay, but as 1 of the 'review-ees' said, it's a half project, consider this some alpha or beta testing or something. You got great SFX's in it and the sprites aren't, as some would say 'lame', although I don't think the many background sprites are needed in the loading session, just Sonic alone there. The SA2's escape from the city, if that's what I'm hearing during this 'in progress movie' isn't really the sort of music I'd expect to hear unless it was based in a city setting, I would recommend Wave Ocean ~ The water's edge, from Sonic 06, is seems to set the scene, just try whatever you think with the available resources you have, you got your Prologue by the sounds of it, also what happened to Sonic and a few of the emeralds? they vanished while the other 2 emeralds went into the ring. Fix that, make any necessary changes you can or want, just get the prologue done, get into the movie, plot, finish with epilogue and also recommended you take off the Shadow button because people are going to be tempted to use the Shadow button to skip part of the story or however much it skips. If you need to, have Sonic as the Play button, Shadow as a Scene Select to be more fairer. I'm giving this work in progress an 8/10 because there are still some glitches here and there need fixing, I recommend you put the full thing as another separate movie and not replace this one, otherwise you still got old reviews from the past work-in-progress. 3/5 via voting. If you need any more advice or whatever, up to you but you can call upon my help anytime via Personal Messaging and I'll see what I can do to help. If you don't need my help, get your butt in gear and fix this little project. Also on a side note, finish episode 1 and add credits to episode 2 if this Author comments isn't up to date already.

SuperSaiyanSonic responds:

A bit hard to read dude. Next time, use paragraphs.

Thanks a bunch for the positive review! I think all of your points ave very valid, and I will take into account most, if not all of them, when I'm continuing. Thanks again!

Finish it first.

Never submit half projects. If you want a beta tester, go get one, but this is what the alphas are for.

Anyways, its ok. I can clearly see that the menu music is taking up all the filesize in the flash, so you need to do something about that.

I don't know why, but ive always hated that lvl in sonic advance. The background is too irritating. Oh Well its ok i guess.

But finish it.


SuperSaiyanSonic responds:

Woah...BlackDevilX...You're like one of the coolest artists ever. It feels good being reviewed by you.
Heh, I guess I didn't know about the Alphas section of NG. I'll make sure to submit future incompletes there. Thanks.
Yeah, I gotta do something about the music too. Thanks for the review! Peace out.

Credits & Info

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Aug 2, 2008
7:59 AM EDT