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A fleeting dream... TOFA2

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This was created for the TOFA animation tournament (Tournament of flash artists) hosted by Albinoblacksheep.com.

I feel as though I'm finally getting somewhere in animating... this wasn't as rushed as previous projects.
I'm up against groovemastercox for this round, his animation can be found here:
upload/310708/75115_round 2final.php
I honestly think i have a decent chance at winning, he made his in a day... and it was really short so, who knows maybe I'll get lucky and win a round! anyways, i'm going to try and release at least 1 episode of an unnamed project per month, provided my Voice cast can come through for me.

SO anyways, there's a lot of collaborations flying around at Urbanturf.net so if your a flash artist, or just a lowly heathen go check them out.

I will be hosting a collab at the end of this month, i'll make a bbs post and an UT post about it... and a FP post.

So enough ranting, well if you want MORE ranting go ahead and check out my userpage or something

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well i think

it really attracted the anime followers. But tuh erm... dur... what happened at the end?

He fell asleep so his dream blew him up, and teh "blow up" didn't kill him. So he shot him in mid-air... I guess thats cool. Better luck next time. I just didn't getz it.

This Is how I roll


Good stuff, needs more fluid motion, maybe a tween here and there, etc. Finish the ending. :)

5/5 9/10

I wish you'd built the viewer up even more before you let them down. Dream wasn't quite hallucinagenic enough, saddly I KNOW. I think you're going to need a truck load of slugs for all the happy pills I used to take. But on the plus side, I loved the surrealness, and I loved how you let everyone down at the end. We don't all need a funny or storybook ending.

It was looking great

The flash started out pretty great, and i was getting into it, and the nending sort of ruined it...I want to see moar stuff like this! Except without the silly endings of course...


Good i like it!