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Resident Idiot

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This is a Resident Evil parody,
It was supposed to be done already, but i'm lazy, a very lazy animator , i took like 3 years to finish this thing... 3!!! See how lazy EdpR is?!? I restarted the project 'cos old graphics sucked like i did back then, but i've grown as an artist and animator so i decided to try again.
Egoraptor was a big influence but don't expect this to be an AWESOME movie, ok?
And after some months of hard work and laziness it's finally done !
Enjoy! :P

PS: Resident Evil Collection please :P

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weskers an idiot

damn u wesker u took the last grape popsicle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and barry u r a moron, zombies eat people for a reason!! lols XD made me laugh a lot

havent seen this in years

the shawtgun part made me lol to much

omg omg omg omg og omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ahhh brrrr aw its getting late jill this way mmmmm sandwitch


this is so funny man i like the part where barry thinks the zombies are VERY HUNGRY PEOPLE!! oh yeah there is an easter egg at the part where barry ask jill where wesker is if you look at her hat it has a smiley face


who took the last popsicle? lol


so kickass!!!

"wheres wekser?"

(im not wesker)

"i dunno"