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Wolf Team Animation

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Thx for Wiew my first animation in newground,
im work in the animation 10 hours... mmm, yeah...

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this one doesn't have cocks in it. Awesome

cool story good that the wolfs looked so strong:)

it was realy good, but maybe another song would fit better....
the wolves could be better although the transformation was exelent it looked like lightning or something like it.
although i sayd that the wolves could be better I have to say that these were the best werewolves I saw on ng yet, stil I think they'r a little crappy and could be improved.
I loved the way the wolves weren't put in a bad light as they usaly are but this time in a more hero-like role. (that's atleast what I think)
alinal a good animation:) keep it up:)

was good

good drawings the ghost wolf in the wall lol i like the win then lose but in the real game the wolves are harder to kill then they look + they upgraded it so good theres a new wolf the ice wolf man so strong anyways it's cool man good job :)

It was Okay

I agree, very good drawings, but i don't think the song fitted the actual animation. Good animation, Bad choice of song.

hulalao responds:

thx man !

was pretty cool

Very well drawn.