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A not so average episode of The Simpsons. Made purely for fun and for my hatred of Lisa Simpson. Also this was a sketch meant for A Random Day 5, but the file was corrupt and is now cancelled. This is all that remains.

FRONT PAGE FOR THIS HUNKA CRAP?! Glad ya liked it Tom! Hah! I can't believe this made front page. It's amazing. Let's hope it stays here for a few days cos the mixed comments are hilarious!

And ok guys. Sorry about the Audio. Flash 8 exports the sound in a dumbass way. I'll fix it tomorrow when I'm home. As for the voice acting, video, and story, they're supposed to be so horribly crap, they're funny. Have some fun. Ps Robbie says hi...

By the way, YOU KNOW this is better than any new simpsons episode. ;)


Haha! Totally Tubular, Chris!

Yeeeeeah...this is definitely the cream of Oney's crop. Just way, way, WAY too unpleasant.

Marge and Lisa were hilarious!!

So I love the Simpsons but this is definitely way funnier than any of the new episodes. Lisa may have scarred me for a little while though.

Funniest thing was Maggie with her random "suck suck and whatever she said after that."

People are seriously upset?
This is a good flash and you can't expect anything less from this site. Nothing is taboo! Dope flash, keep it up

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3.40 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2008
12:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody