Simpsons Pacman

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Hope you like this...
I just fixed it so when you get a game over you can replay sorry for that before.
I would like to hear feed back thanks.
I know the controls arent great but theyre alright, im working on it..
**Now you can eat the enemies...
***Timer has been added and the simpsons theme song.
Loader is fixed.



Maybe add a story to it. Maybe Homer has ot caught by the police or something and now they're after him. If you then replace the 'catchers' with the Police then it could be a story. Maybe even do and intro to show that...

Just an idea...

Such a good idea:(

The idea was nice, and the way you substituted evrything with Simpsons themes(I liked The DOH! when you die:)) was remarcable, however as good as it looks(and sounds) it has a great flaw :CONTROLS. It doesnt matter how good a game is unless you can control it well, the controls are "Fine", the flaw is that Homer tends to get stuck, sometimes when turning doesnt eat a donut, etc, had it not been for HomerĀ“s jerky movements the game could have been much better, and I really mean it.
Overall: An exellent Idea, nicely executed, but fails due to jerky controls:(


I want that game


that was a nice flash, just it was hard to go round corners.... got stuck alot. the music got repetitive after level 2 aswell. im not a huge fan of pacman, but that was a good update on the old version.

Awful Controls

As you know by now, the controls in this game are HORRIBLE. Which makes the game horrible. I like the Duff in the middle, that's it.

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2.50 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2002
8:55 PM EST
Skill - Collect