Dude Arm Explode

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Hey this is my second flash ever so don't be too harsh lol
Hope you like it, it took me ages to make ;D
Oh and even though I kept deleting it the Arctic Monkeys thing at the end wouldn't go away ...
Sorry about that :3
I found this the other day and remembered to finally upload it.
There are more in this series of random things that I will make :D


what the hell

yea looks like you did it in like a minute.
seriously why didn't you colour the fucking thing in instead of scribbling in the background.
the lips were not synced at all, it wasn't funny because i have seen so much stuff exactly the same.
I cant believe some-one actually gave this a ten, or was that just you saving your self from being blammed.
anyway i still cant believe crap like this can get a 1.87 with such bad art, audio and Idea.
any try to improve.

longer preload than animation

the animation was ok but WAAY too short.

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Dear god we don't care if it's your 2nd flash ever

You still know it needs work. It's like 2 seconds long and not even funny anyway.


very funny in it's simplicity.

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That only happpens if you masturbate

I thought animation was smooth but was too short.

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JamesAwesome responds:

I couple of people have said it was too short so my next one i released i tried to make longer, but it failed miserably -See it now before it's blammed. Click in the box over
<----- and select Yo B.

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1.88 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2008
4:37 AM EDT
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