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Auto & Eve Redone

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Well, here is my second attempt at this!

I hope it lodes ok... I don't know how to make a proper preloder, and the ones avalable
for downlode don't work, with my flash program! >.<;;;

I apologize, If it dosen't lode right, and the sound is off, or something!

Also is the sound fx are too loud, Again im sorry, I did my best to work with what i had!

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Are you planning to make more? I wand to see eve be submissive to auto all because he hacked her. I dunno. Something that includes hypnosis.

Welp, this just ruined WALL-E for me.
This was just shocking and fucking hilarious.


What in the hell am I watching

By creating this obscene movie, you disgrace the movie WALL-E.

WALL-E happens to be my favorite movie of all time and you ruin it with the two clips you made.

How disturbing and cruel

Freaking sweet

First saw this on another site and tracked it back down to here. Gotta say, this is awesome.
Love how some of the other reviewers are B'aawing over it, though. XD