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Ash and the truck III

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Author Comments

Its about damn time eh? ive finally concluded this little project. after this i might take some time off to study more flash techniques(and maybe learn how to make a freaking icon!) anywho, this one has a special guest star and I think yous guys's will enjoy it(well some of you. others will send derogatory messages to me saying how much i "suxz" or how " lame-ass" I "Is".
enjoy, because you know wont

7/28/08 how da hell did the 3rd one get a lower score than the 2nd one? i spent about 3 times longer working on it! oh well. i guess it really isnt as funny, but its still a matter of principle.

here are some Q&A's that some of you have been emailing me about:

Q. Why is culex in a shitty pokemon movie?
A. because he wants to be, and if I deny Culex anything he'll beat me in the face with the Earth Crystal.

Q Why doesnt Culex have a numerical level?
A.because i didnt have enough room for "eleventy billion"

Q. Why do you suck so much?
A. just ask yo momma!

Q. why doesnt this "ash and the Truck" have "gangsta" vernacular?
A.I got tired of trying to think of(and write) funny things to say. also its tough to write for Ash, who is "stoopid" and "fly" and "down" and "da bizzomb".

Q.your the whitest dude ever, so why did you use the "gangsta" vernacular to begin with anyway??
A.Hey! im not the whitest guy ever! just look at Wayne Brady! i really dont know why i did , but it was fun. i think i was just talking to myself(not in the creepy way, but the "see if this dialogue works for this character way") and decided that Ash is a "gangsta" and "jacked Dat Truck". Im not trying to make fun of real gangstas, i just thought it was funny for a 10 year old call Lt. Surge a "bitch ass hoe". im sure you can all relate.

Q.Why are you so sexy?
A. Obviously, person-who-Ive-never-met-
before-who-clearly-isnt-m e-just-typing-pointless-q uestions, i just am.

Q.are there going to be any more "ash and the truck" or do you not like milking ideas?
A. well,hopefully i wont touch the concept again(the truck) but you never know. someday soon i might become so bitchen at animating that i might redo this series and revamp it entirely. time will tell

Q. what other ideas do you have for other flash movies?
A. thats a secret! but i do plan on making an animated series based on my name.

Q. hey, i just noticed, you never explained why serj said "i am, well at least not yet". please elaborate!
A. i would love to but um....im to busy doing stuff. but think about it in a "grandfather paradox" sort of way and you might figure it out(actually i forgot all about the explanation but i think its more fun if you try to figure it out yourselves!

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boaring as hell


It doesn't look that shitty anymore. ITs not that funny either. But you don't take off points for improvement. That would be gay.

Crayolian responds:

yeah, i actually tried on this one. this is when i actually began learning stuff

freaking sweet!

you should make another one! it would be awesome!

Crayolian responds:

i was thinking about it, but im not sure if i should. maybe someday.


you definetly need to make more of these cause their funny

Crayolian responds:

i might someday. right now im working on another project. thanks for the review


Epic that's about all i can say, epic. If you were to make another one you could use the fact that they left the master ball in the gym. Oh was that beethoven's Cunt at the end?

Crayolian responds:

yeah it was beethovens cunt. i was kind of thinking about using that idea but i dont think im going to make another one

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2008
11:37 PM EDT