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That's My Fulp 22

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That's My Fulp is back!

Requiem For A Fulp

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First of all quite the different preloader haha as for the flash it was hilarous from beginning to end where Wade blew up then with Doc Brown and near the end with the Dr.Evil theme and Hitler/Wade it just came together perfectly it's worth watching if you want to laugh your ass off,excellent job and i hope you actually make a part two to this particular episode.

MaddFlash2 responds:

Thanks man, we appreciate all your reviews. Me and the main director have been real busy lately but hopefully another That's My Fulp will be in the works sooner then later.

It was okay, but...

It would have been funnier if you stuck closer to Requiem for a Dream and parodied more of that storyline. You had a really funny thing going there, sad to see that you didn't run with it. :(

Gold, I say! It was gold!

Ironic that you used message in a bottle

bc thats by Jared Leto's favorite band, and he was the son in requiem for a dream

or did you do it on purpose lol

that was great

but your kinda bullying wade



MaddFlash2 responds: