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Author Comments

SOUND UPDATE: I boosted the sound! Thanks for the suggestions! :)

Hey all. I haven't submitted in a while, so I hope you guys like this one as much as my other ones. :)
Sorry this one is so short, but I think the point of the animation was fullfilled.

-When it comes to the moral of the story, I swear the theme is bright and clear, but I would love if you guys would try and guess what it is about. I promise it's not just crap thrown on a screen, it actually means something. =)

-As for the plot, it's about a stupid man and a girl named Jill.

-As for lighting and effects, I love using complimentary colors. So I used pink and some sorrta wierd blueish green. I thought it showed the good and bad side of a woman and relationships in general.

-As for sound, I did most myself. (doing the part where the man breaks his leg was fun) but other sound credit, as usual, goes to ERH from freesoundproject.com

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The things you do for love. That's the "bright and clear" theme, right? The bad end is when you're screwed for accepting whatever your woman wants. So something more helpful is along the lines of "love should go both ways."

Very dark take on Jack & Jill. I like it. Great job!

The tone of the story unnerved me. I liked the colors and the moment you see Jill rotting corpse, you remember the old nursery rhyme.

"Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water (From the well),

Jack fell down and broke his crown (Possibly got a concussion, which is why he imagined he heard Jill's voice),

and Jill came tumbling after (But died)."

My theory...

Okay. I know this is probably not the REAL story, but I've come up with something else. This is what I thought of after seeing this a few times, and reading a few reviews.

So here we go.

The two characters are a girl named Jill and a man that I'm going to call Jack. So it's like 'Jack & Jill' or whatever... but anyway, they must have grown up together because they looked pretty darn old. (Jill seemed to be a bit younger than Jack, but that's not the point.) Apparently, they went up the hill to fetch that pail of water, but they both fell down and Jack smashed his head, like when he 'broke his crown'. Jack survived, but with slight brain damage. As for Jill, she was killed by the fall, and nobody ever found her. Jack eventually was healed, but he didn't know that Jill was dead. He only remembers falling into the well with her. Now Jack is convinced she survived like he did, because he didn't remember her death. He went to retrieve her from the well, because since nobody found her there, she must have been down there the whole time. Jack called out to her, and then realized that he might fall again. He yelled into the well that 'he didn't want to do this again', but then he heard Jill telling him, (actual dialogue) "It's okay... It's okay, come down... Come down, it's okay..." As Jack leans in to her her voice, he suddenly plummets into the well, and as he hits the ground, he sees Jill's pretty face, but now she's a corpse. He breaks his leg, and remains there for who knows how long. I really don't know what the balloons were for, but that's all I can say for now.

Moral? 'How far will you go to save someone you love?'


not quite sure what just happened

but it seemed sinister and I say blood so I like it.

Credits & Info

4.35 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2008
9:46 PM EDT